Physiotherapy is an important part of our health and care programme for our residents. A physiotherapist is available on-site for physiotherapy needs prescribed for residents by their general practitioner or specialist.

Physiotherapists help people move and participate in life and in their communities, especially when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, disability or disease.

It offers assistance in areas such as breathing, rehabilitation and intervention as well as helping people gain maximum movement, improve their independence, regain fitness and relieve pain.

Sprott House employs its own physiotherapist who provides support to our hospital, rest home and special care residents.

After assessing a resident’s potential for movement and function, the physiotherapist establishes (together with the resident and caregivers) treatment goals designed to restore or develop that potential, and then maintain it.

The physiotherapy service is available upon referral during week days, with individual plans developed and supported for residents as well as group exercise sessions.

To find out more about our physiotherapy services call us on 04 476 8759 or send us an email.