Occupational therapy


Occupational Therapy, including activities, is an important part of our health and care programme for our residents.

We are committed to providing all residents with a quality of life which enhances mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, including exercise and other stimulating activities.

Research shows that a combined programme of regular exercise and workouts give significant benefits and that you are never too old to make real gains!

Even people with a history of minimal physical activity or with significant health issues can gain real benefits.

We have an exercise programme specifically designed to build strength, improve heart health and increase your range of movement.

As well, our activities programme is provided throughout the week for all hospital, rest home and special care residents.

These range from reading groups and computer workshops to more relaxing games - monopoly and other board games, cards, dominos and many others.

To find out more call us on 04 476 8759 or send us an email.