Activity programme


We believe that by keeping the mind and body active, a better quality of life is maintained for residents. Entertainment, recreation and activities based on ability are facilitated for that purpose. A wide range of activities is provided. Weather permitting, outings are organised. It is the residents’ choice whether or not they participate in activities, though participation is actively encouraged. We employ a Recreation Manager to manage the activities programme and have two activities staff providing activities across the facility.

Some (but not all) of the activities offered (an indemnity will need to be signed for the resident to participate in outings):

-      Van Drives

-      Chair Exercise Programme

-      Church Services

-      Carpet Bowls

-      Newspaper, Book and Poetry Reading

-      Piano Concerts

-      Indoor Golf

-      Movies

-      Guest Speakers

-      Crosswords

-      Concerts (at resident’s cost)

-      Craft

-      Quizzes

-      Sing-alongs

-      Baking


Spark of Life

Sprott House has adopted the award winning Spark of Life Programme for all residents with dementia. This programme is an extremely well researched way for enhancing the lives of people with dementia.

It’s a simple step-by step approach which boosts quality of life for both the carer and the person with dementia. It views dementia as a normal life process rather than an illness.

Once implemented, improvements in memory, language, communication, social interactions and behaviour become possible.

The Spark of Life Programme was developed by the Founder and President of Dementia Care Australia Jane Verity (OTR FT CSP), a world leader and pioneer in the social and emotional care of people with dementia.

Originally from Denmark, Jane is an occupational and family therapist, a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She has also been appointed as the Eden Alternative Mentor for all the Nordic countries.

The Spark of Life Programme is designed to lift the spirit and enhance and enrich the lives of people with dementia and everyone who supports them. It focuses on the consequences of our actions and transforms those actions which can break the spirit into actions which lift the spirit. When the spirit is strong and healthy everything else can improve.

This approach is not a cure, but it is a reliable process for creating an environment in which the human spirit can thrive. It nurtures the wellbeing of the human spirit through a gentle, practical and common sense approach to human relationships and communication.

The Spark of Life Programme has been has been adopted by aged care facilities in the US, Scandinavia, Europe and Australia with outstanding results and is used by many home carers to good effect.

It provides a deep insight into people with dementia that changes both perceptions and attitudes. It also grows a culture of love, appreciation, enthusiasm and optimism that brings out everyone’s best, resulting in improved communication and enhanced job satisfaction.

This is very exciting for us as we believe that, along with our fantastic new purpose built dementia wing, we are now able to make a real difference for our residents and families.

We can now make sure that joining us in our dementia wing is a positive step into a homelike environment.

For further information about our dementia unit and our Spark of Life Programme, please send us an email.


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