Living at Sprott House

Mission Statement

Sprott House Trust fosters an environment where we aim to provide quality care and independence for older adults while respecting their dignity and individuality.


Care will embrace the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of each resident.

Values and Principles

These are the values and principles that will inform and govern the behaviour of all who work for Sprott House Trust and are the way things are done here.

We are committed to:

  • Care: We strive to ensure all residents get the highest standard of care we can give across all levels of care we offer.
  • Safety and comfort: We do our utmost to make our residents and their families/whānau feel safe and comfortable with the care we give them. We work to make our residents physically, emotionally and spiritually comfortable and safe. We aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for residents, staff and visitors.
  • Respecting people: We respect differences and work openly, honestly and with integrity to build that respect. The Board of Trustees understands that people who work for Sprott House and the residents and their families/whānau have different personal and cultural values.
  • A resident and family focus: We understand and meet the needs of our residents and design our services with them in mind. We will ensure the residents and their families/whānau are involved in decisions about resident care. We have systems in place to enable residents and their families to participate in care planning and review.
  • Excellence: We continually look for improvements to ensure we work to a high standard. We collect and use information about our performance to improve the quality of our services. We strive for innovation and improvement. We actively work to be respected as a high performing facility. The quality and professionalism of the staff is respected and supported and a learning environment is nurtured.
  • Working together: We will listen and work collaboratively with our colleagues, residents, their families/whānau, medical and allied health providers, our suppliers and contractors to create vibrant and effective teams.
  • Wise stewardship: We act responsibly and wisely when using resources; both financial and time.
  • Optimism: We face many challenges and we will continue to rise to them. We will celebrate success and positively seize opportunities to enjoy our work and achievements.